Chauffeur Support

Enjoy the Comforts and Pure Luxury of a Medical Chauffeur

There are many reasons the idea of a private medical chauffeur is so appealing. Doctor visits, outpatient procedures, or even a trip to visit friends, when you’re ill getting to any of those places typically means more than just stepping into the vehicle and buckling up. 

Generally, when a medical chauffeur is hired there are two options. Patients can either choose a point-to-point drop off and pick up service, or a “dedicated” driver who will wait for the patient to be finished with their business and be ready to take them home again when it’s time.

What Patients Should Look for In A Medical Chauffeur

Some might think of this method of getting to a medical appointment as slightly extreme, but it isn’t really when you consider all the benefits. 

Your chauffeur will have the same medical education, training, and experience that an ambulance driver has with the only difference being what they are driving you in. 

A cramped, small vehicle, or the luxury of a much larger car with plenty of leg room. Just because they are driving a beautiful car instead of an ambulance that doesn’t mean chauffeurs won’t be:

  • Reliable and courteous
  • Able to respect your privacy and keep your business confidential
  • Able to show compassion when patients may be irritable due to pain or discomfort

There are companies that offer the services of a medically trained chauffeur that use your private vehicle instead of one from their fleet. Some people aren’t comfortable riding in a vehicle other than their own and for them, the driver only option is a good fit. 

Typically, rates are hourly, but this depends on the company you choose. Be sure this is clarified when you reserve your chauffeur so there is no confusion later.

Disabilities and Special Needs Are Handled with Appropriate Consideration

Chauffeurs are trained in more than medical needs, or safe driving. When appointments are booked, they will ask if the patient has disabilities or special needs of any kind so that the driver is prepared to help with whatever is necessary to transport them safely and comfortably. Need help getting from a sitting position to standing up, or need help staying balanced while in transit? Your driver will know exactly what to do to so even though you may be heading to the doctors office you can still enjoy the ride.

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When the Help You Need Is Across the Border

Private drivers are the best option if your medical appointment is in another country because “standard” medical transportation stops at the border. There is no law against traveling to Mexico or Canada seeking medical help not available or approved of by U.S. medical professionals. There are people alive today who wouldn’t be if they hadn’t taken their case to doctors that have more freedom to use new ideas than American doctors do. 

It’s unfortunate that very ill people are forced to travel long distances seeking help not available in their own country. Qualified medical transportation should be the least of their worries. There are companies all over the world now who’s sole interest is safe medical transport to any destination. The only problem is making sure you hire one that can provide for all expected travel needs, not just medical ones. Regardless of how well they present themselves, make sure you check all credentials before trusting your safety and comfort to a stranger.