Is Arranging for Long Distance Medical Transport Really Going to Be Worth It?

For a patient’s safety and comfort, yes, hiring medical professionals for long trips is the sensible thing to do. From one county to another or coast to coast, when someone is ill and must travel plans for their medical and personal needs have to come first. However, when traveling, especially on a long trip, there are other needs to be considered as well. Thanks to modern technology, being ill and forced to travel doesn’t have to be the nightmare it could be.

When Flying Isn’t an Option

Even when medical issues don’t prevent a patient from flying, not everyone enjoys that method of travel and would rather make the trip on wheels, not wings. Long distance medical transport can be quite pricey but considering all the benefits that come with it, maybe not so much after all. Travel for medical reasons doesn’t have to be stressful, and it can even be enjoyable with a crew of professionals taking the worry out of the trip itself.

When people think of medical transport, they are probably picturing the kind of ambulance you would see on city streets. That’s fine for local needs, but there are other options for longer trips. Why not travel in a modern RV set up as a medical transport? There are quite a few companies in the U.S. providing this service, and patients can expect everything they need for a comfortable, safe, and even pleasant ride.

Patients don’t have to ride without a familiar face along to keep them company. These RV’s are geared towards the patient but loved ones traveling with them are also well cared for. Many of them will have reclining chairs next to the patient’s bed, full kitchens, large flat screen TV, internet connection, and even a shower in the bathroom. If you must travel anyway, there’s no need to be bored or uncomfortable.

Before the Trip Is Booked…

Whether the trip is for scheduled surgery, or a move to be closer to family proper medical clearance is a must. This should be done well in advance of when you want to leave so nothing crops up to delay expected arrival at your destination. Even after obtaining medical clearance your still not done. Here are two things that should be handled well in advance of your departure.

Make certain you’re dealing with a reputable medical transport service and check all references thoroughly. You’re going to be riding with a stranger or strangers for a long distance, dependent on them to get you there safely and handle any medical issues that come up. Don’t trust your health or safety to inexperienced hands.
Before you book a trip, ask if the people you will be riding with have had any kind of “sensitivity training.” Your driver should be more than a medical professional, they also need to understand a patient’s feelings. Especially dementia patients whose schedules and lives are being disrupted by travel because they will likely be confused as well as stressed or anxious.

Of course, there are companies providing long distance medical transport that don’t use RV’s, that example was chosen simply because lying in bed, a patient isn’t going to suffer from a lack of space but any family traveling with them would. Having amenities such as TV, internet connection, a private bathroom, and a little walking room makes a long trip that much more bearable for them.