Be Prepared

Do You Have a Plan for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

If not, this should be at the top of your bucket list regardless of age. Even those who have never needed help with medical transport before need to consider this. 

Accidents or illness that leave you disabled or unable to drive can happen to anyone so when missed medical appointments are not an option, you need a number to call for a ride. 

Don’t wait for an emergency to catch you unprepared or illness that leaves you too sick to drive yourself.

Time Catches Up to Us All

Ageing generally means a weakened immune system which leaves us open to all kinds of unpleasantness. 

You may not need to worry about something as simple as getting to a medical appointment on time now, but what about later in life? Researching the medical transport options in your area now is the best way to ensure you have no issues later. 

It’s bad enough being sick without adding transportation worries to the mix. Even when you’re going no further than your local doctor’s office, if you’re unable to drive yourself having a medically trained person behind the wheel is your next best option. 

Not only do they have knowledge to help if a medical emergency occurs during transit, they are going to be excellent drivers as well, or no company would hire them.

Driving history is just as thoroughly vetted as work history so you can be sure only the most trusted show up to take you where you need to go. It’s nice when you can travel with friends or family but unless they are qualified medical professionals with experience dealing in emergencies they might not realize or understand the importance of the following:

rescuer, ambulance, male nurse-1754324.jpg
  • There are many ways to transport a person in pain: An experienced driver will know how to make a patient as comfortable as possible for the duration of the trip.
    A patient’s chances of surviving an emergency while on the road are greatly increased when their driver is an experienced medical technician.
  • Don’t risk a medical emergency and put a friend or family member through the trauma of trying to help you when they don’t know how. That’s what professional medical transport drivers are for, and emergencies don’t rattle their nerves. They can handle any medical problem that comes up with calm efficiency for the best possible outcome.